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Our Promise

At the Revelstoke Optometry Centre, our mission is to provide each patient a lifetime of healthy vision through comprehensive eye examinations focused on prevention and early detection.


We strive to educate our patients and continue to educate ourselves in order to remain at the technological forefront of our profession.

Comprehensive Eye Exams

We provide screening for all eye conditions such as glaucoma, cataracts, macular degeneration, and diabetic-related eye diseases to maintain eye health and wellness.

Using advanced technologies including digital retinal photography, pachymetry and automated visual field analysis, in maintaining our high standard of service. 

Dry Eye 

Disease Management

If your eyes sting, itch or burn, you may be experiencing the common signs of “dry eye.” A feeling of something foreign within the eye or general discomfort may also signal dry eye.

Exposure to environmental conditions, as well as medications, such as antihistamines, oral contraceptives or anti-depressants, can contribute to the symptoms of dry eye.

Injuries, possible infections,  retinal detachment, central retinal artery occlusion, acute angle-closure glaucoma, and chemical burns, should be referred immediately to our office. 

Urgent Occular Care

Pre and Post Operative Care

Our office is committed to providing care for our communities. Should you need to go out of town for a procedure, we are able to co-manage your post-operative care with your surgeon. Please be sure to contact our office as soon as you know your operative dates so that we can have you scheduled in. 

Contact Lens Fitting

Contact lenses can provide correction for most prescriptions including astigmatism. Today, with the introduction of newer materials and technologies we can help you find the correct fit and prescription for your comfort and vision needs, and provide various options and brands to select from.

It is important to note that Contact lenses, like glasses, are medical devices are require a valid prescription to be dispensed by an optometrist's office. 

Myopia Control

The dangers of myopia, in conjunction with the normal challenges of poor vision, mean it is important for parents of myopic children to treat the condition as part of their child’s eye health.

The goal of myopia management is to slow or even stop the progression of myopia and reduce its impact on your child’s life.

Early myopia intervention can help your child now and reduce their eye health risks. The younger myopia management begins, the more effective the treatment.

Do I need to book an appointment?



At this time, we are asking all patients to call ahead or text us if they are planning on coming into the office for any reason.


We want to ensure that there is someone able and ready to help you. 

Do I need and Eye exam if I don't need glasses?


Yes! An eye exam is more than just determining if you need vision correction. They are comprehensive health assessments that can prevent detect and help us manage any occular diseases. 

Why do I need a prescription to get glasses or contacts? 

Glasses and Contact lenses are medical devices specific to the user. 

Optometrists are able to determine what your vision needs are and prescribe them. 

How long is my prescription good for?

Your prescription is valid for one year from the date of the exam. 

As time goes on, our bodies change and so can our vision needs. It is important to fill your glasses prescription as soon as you can.

How long does it take to get used to my new glasses?

This varies from person to person! If you have had a large shift in vision it is important to give your eyes and brains time to adjust. 

Is my exam covered?



BC residents with valid MSP coverage from 0-9 years old are fully covered for their exams. Those 10-18, and 65+ are subject to a co-pay. 

Typically, exams for Adults 19+ are not covered by MSP services.

Please note we are unable to bill cross provincially. 

How long will I be in the office for?


Eye exams are typically scheduled for 45 minutes, please be prepared to be in the office for up to an hour and 15 minutes as we do accommodate ocular emergencies when necessary. 

Will I be dilated?


Diabetics and patients over the age of 65 are dilated with consent. 

If the doctor would like for you to be dilated that will be discuss with you prior. 

More Questions?



Give us a call at +1 (250) 837 - 5244 and we will do our best to assist you!


You Asked, We Answered

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