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Our Services

Comprehensive Eye Exams

We are happy to service our wide demographic of Revelstoke and the surrounding communities by providing comprehensive eye examinations focused on your vision and ocular health. We utilize wide image digital photography, optical coherence tomography, automated visual fields, dark adaptation testing and much more to provide full scope comprehensive examinations.

We are equipped to monitor ocular diseases and co-manage with our local Ophthalmologists. 

Contact us to book an appointment.

Urgent Ocular Care

Injuries, eye infections, foreign bodies, retinal detachments, retinal vascular occlusions, acute angle-closure attacks, chemical burns, sudden vision loss, etc. are all ocular medical emergencies that should be seen as soon as possible. We have same day appointment spots dedicated to see emergencies with our doctors on a daily basis. Our doctors are also available for after hours emergencies.


Contact us now if you are having an ocular emergency. 

Myopia Control

Myopia or near-sightedness has recently been classified as an epidemic. Long term ocular health concerns including retinal detachments, macular degeneration and glaucoma all have exponentially increased risk the more near-sighted a person is. 

Extensive research has been done in the field of myopia control over the last decade. Technology in contact lenses, spectacle lenses and/or use of low dose atropine drops have shown drastic reduction in myopia progression. 

Early intervention can help reduce the rate of myopia progression and reduce eye health risks later in life.

Visit our Myopia Control page.

Contact Lens Fitting

With new advances in technology, contact lenses have come a long way. We are still able to fit hard/rigid contact lenses (RGPs) and also have access to an array of soft monthly use and daily wear contact lenses. Newer technology allows us to correct astigmatism and presbyopia like never before. Our trained staff is here to help ensure our patients have a thorough understanding of the best care and handling of their contact lenses to allow for a lifetime of healthy, successful contact lens wear. 

It is important to note that contact lenses, like glasses, are medical devices and require a valid prescription to be dispensed by an Optometrist's office. 

Visit our Specialty Contacts for Myopia Control section.

Frame Room Consults

Step into clarity with our personalized frame room appointments! We understand that finding the perfect pair of glasses is more than just a transaction – it's about enhancing your vision and style. That's why we offer exclusive one hour consultations with our experienced optical staff.

During your appointment, our dedicated staff member will guide you through our curated collection of frames, helping you find the perfect match for your unique style and preferences. From classic designs to trendy statement pieces, we have something for everyone.

But our service doesn't stop at frames. We'll also assist you in selecting the right lenses and taking precise measurements to ensure optimal comfort and vision in your new glasses.

Contact us to schedule your personalized frame room appointment today.

Pre and Post Operative Care

Our office is committed to providing care for our communities. We understand the importance of comprehensive care before and after eye surgeries, especially for those traveling out of town. Should you need to go out of town for a procedure, we are able to co-manage your post-operative care with your surgeon. Please be sure to contact our office as soon as you know your operative dates so that we can have you scheduled in. 

Visit Your Health page for more information on different types of ocular surgeries.

Contact us today to learn more about our pre and post-operative care services.

Repairs and Adjustments

Our commitment to quality extends beyond your intital purchase. When you choose us for your eyewear needs, you're not just getting quality glasses – you're getting a commitment to excellence. That's why we offer complimentary lifetime repairs and adjustments for glasses purchased in our office. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we'll ensure your glasses stay in top shape for years to come.

Even if your glasses weren't procured from us, our skilled team is able to provide professional adjustments and repairs for a nominal fee. Your satisfaction is our priority, no matter where your eyewear journey began.

And when it comes to warranties and product issues, we've got you covered. We'll work directly with our retailers on your behalf, taking the hassle out of any potential complications.

Optical Edging

Experience the difference with our in-house lens cutting lab! With our optical lab right on-site, we redefine the standard for timely and customized optical solutions and cut out the wait times associated with sending lenses off to external labs. Our staff utilize cutting-edge technology to craft custom lenses tailored to your unique prescription and frame.


We strive to make your experience as seamless as possible with our exclusive same-day edging service. When your lenses arrive, we'll notify you to schedule an appointment. Simply leave your glasses with us, and we'll notify you promptly via text when they're ready for pickup. Alternatively, if time permits, you're welcome to wait in our office for approximately 30-45 minutes while we expedite the process.

Dry Eye Disease Management

If your eyes water, sting or burn, or you experience variability in your vision, you may be experiencing the common signs of “dry eye.” A feeling of something foreign within the eye or general discomfort may also signal dry eye.

Exposure to environmental conditions, as well as medications, such as antihistamines, oral contraceptives or anti-depressants, can contribute to the symptoms of dry eye. There are also links to systemic inflammatory conditions.

Our Dry Eye Disease page is coming soon.

IPL and RF Treatments

Experience relief from dry eye discomfort with our cutting-edge IPL and RF treatments. Our advanced technology targets the root causes of dry eye disease, offering lasting relief and improved eye health.

Our Dry Eye Disease page is coming soon for more information.


  • Feel free to come into the office, call or text us to schedule an appointment.  We customize appointment types to each persons individual needs so we can fully address all concerns. 

  • Yes! An eye exam is more than just determining if you need vision correction. They are comprehensive health assessments that can prevent, detect and help us manage ocular diseases. 

  • Glasses and contact lenses are medical devices specific to the user. Optometrists are able to determine what your vision needs are and prescribe them. 

  • Most glasses and contact lens prescriptions are valid for one year, however; there are circumstances when this has to be adjusted and is based on individuals systemic and ocular health. 

  • This varies from person to person! If you have had a large shift in vision it is important to give your eyes and brains time to adjust. We usually recommend trying new glasses for 2 weeks. We do have a non-adapt policy and have protocols to help if you are not adapting to your new prescription.

  • For BC residents with valid MSP:

    Children 0-9 are fully covered by BC Medical for their exams.

    Children 10-19 have partial coverage for their exams and are subject to a co-pay.

    Adults 19-64 are not typically covered by MSP unless there is a medical condition being monitored, exams are subject to co-pay.

    Seniors 65+ do have partial coverage through MSP for their examinations with a co-pay.

    Please note we are unable to bill cross provincially. 

  • We recommend patients allow time to be at the office for approximately 1 hour for their appointment. This time varies based on appointment type such has contact lens trainings, visual fields, or if you are wanting to browse glasses following your examination, 

  • Typically patients with a history of diabetes, hypertension, retinal tears/detachments and those over 65 years old are recommended to have an annual dilated exam. Pending age, symptoms and undilated retinal views we may need to dilate.

  •  Give us a call or text at +1 (250)-837-5244 and we will do our best to assist you! 

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